Comfort at work

A large part of our day is spent working. This may be strenuous, manual work involving lifting, twisting, digging and pushing yourself physically. This, understandably, may result in injuries. More sedate jobs, such as those at a desk or work station may appear less demanding but can cause many problems due to repetitive strains or poor working postures.

Discomfort at work can be distracting and reduce productivity – common work-related problems include:

  • low back and shoulder aches and strains;
  • neck stiffness and headaches;
  • wrist and forearm pains; and
  • aching between the shoulder blades.

At Osteopathy at the Mews your work posture can be assessed by a visit to your workplace or by studying carefully-taken photographs, followed by practical advice to improve your comfort at work and especially with regards to use of computers or VDUs (visual display units).

Did you know? Musculo-Skeletal Disorders are the second biggest cause of absence from work, effecting over 1m people at a cost to the economy (estimated in 2007) of £7bn.

Don’t let your business or workers become one of these statistics. Get help with reducing symptoms, improving work-station set-ups and prescribing exercises to relieve problems and help prevent re-injury.


Courtesy of the General Osteopathic Council