Recovery times

Life’s little surprises

When I’m not at work I might well be dealing with things like Batman at Breakfast. It did make me laugh.

It also highlights the non-linear nature of life. One minute you’re chugging along as normal and the next you’re dealing with a little super-hero before 8am (later than that would be less of a surprise, maybe?!)

A bit like injuries really. One moment you’re fine and the next you’re in a heap next to a rabbit hole (many a patient has been cruelly floored by a rabbit hole). Of course you’ll want to get back to normal ASAP but it is important to look after yourself and your injury. Recovery times vary. This applies to both physical and emotional injury.


Recovery times

It can seem forever when you are in the recovery phase. As a rule of thumb bones and muscles take about 6 weeks to get better (they have a good blood supply to enable this), whereas cartilage, ligaments and tendons can take twice that time. AND THEN….maybe you have been moving awkwardly and compensating for your injury for ages and this will need to be rectified too. You are not a super hero so don’t expect to bounce back like one.

So, be patient and don’t be too hard on yourself.

BUT… if you have been given exercises to do – give them a good go for several weeks as new movement patterns and strengthening does not happen overnight.

The same applies to the talking therapies – do your homework and allow time for changes to take place.

You can always share your frustrations and tears with me….and then tears of happiness as you achieve your goals (true post-op knee patient story). The body has an amazing healing capacity given the right conditions. So, please follow advice, but also listen to what your body is telling you. Don’t expect to gallop through the recovery times.

After a while these injuries and recovery periods often become a bit of a blur. Life is back to normal. Chugging along. No Batman at the Breakfast table.
(I miss Batman, really).

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