A growing business

I’ve been beavering away treating people for a couple of years now at Osteopathy at the Mews in Watts Lane, Eastbourne and there has been considerable growth.

I’ve met loads of lovely locals, busy business owners and a fair few folks from further afield. I’ve met people who’ve astounded me with their life-stories; those who’ve struggled with alcoholism; those who’ve survived trauma and ill-health. I’ve met the most marvellous inspirational patients with immeasurable wisdom, energy and, best of all wit.  I’ve met hard-working, selfless parents; doting grandparents and fledgling adults. All of you have trusted me to help you and you  have helped me build my business. I really appreciate every single word-of-mouth referral that has been passed and helped the clinic grow. Thank you. 

Plans for autumn and beyond

There are now a few, exciting changes planned for Osteopathy at the Mews to help expand the business further and to create opportunities for you to ease your aches and pains.

  • This autumn I am hoping to introduce some Mindful Movement sessions using movement, yoga-inspired stretching, breathing and basic mindfulness techniques to help ease the tensions we hold in our minds and bodies.
  •  Continuing through to next year I will be undertaking pilates training for clinicians to help refine your rehabilitative exercises.
  •  The consultation room will be receiving a little attention to accommodate the Mindful Movement sessions.
  •  Continued Professional Development with continue (!) as is required of all osteopaths – amounting to 30 hours of training per year and covering core professional competencies.
  •  There are also plans to provide help and advice sessions to hard-working carers in the charity sector.

It’s all very exciting and I’d love to share the journey with you.  I’m feeling passionate about sharing osteopathy with you and really hope it might help.   I have a Facebook page at Osteopathy at the Mews which might give you more insight into the possibilities of osteopathy.

I’m looking forward to hearing from previous, current and perspective patients.