Aches and strains in pregnancy

The changes the female body goes through during child-bearing are amazing but they place a lot of strain on the musculo-skeletal system. For example, the deep abdominal muscles get stretched as your baby grows and this supportive muscle sling for the low back weakens. This alters your posture and gait and, along with the softening effects of pregnancy hormones further destabilizing the body, pelvic and back pain may result. The muscular system then works in over-drive to help compensate for this instability and precious energy is used up leaving you exhausted.


Osteopathy may help relieve some of the unwanted problems experienced during pregnancy through gently and safely treating tissues to help them accommodate the changing maternal shape and developing baby. Osteopathy can help you find comfort, naturally.


I am pleased to have joined up with the NCT and be able to advertise peri-natal osteopathic care to the Eastbourne area.