Coming soon – therapeutic yoga

I have been a long-term fan of yoga for its mechanical and spiritual good and, if you’ve had an appointment with me you probably would have been encouraged to do some stretching or strengthening exercises.  I am very excited to have found a course (and the time to attend) that ties together yoga with my osteopathic clinical work.  Once I have completed the training I will be able to more confidently provide yoga-based exercises and work with mindfulness to help rehabilitate my patients more thoroughly and more sustainably. The course is provided by the APPI (Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute), which works with pilates instructors and health care professionals, to provide evidence-based movement therapy.

Course content

The course will include breathing and meditation techniques alongside yoga exercises to explore the power of the mind and facilitate postural education. Clinical case studies I will also be examined to bring therapeutic relevance to the course content.

I’m really looking forward to June to attend the course and formalise my interest and immerse myself in a yoga course that should benefit my patients. Low back pain, poor posture and shoulder problems, tight neck muscles, held tension, inflexible hips and more should all come under the spotlight. Prior to this I am still very happy to help you how I can with therapeutic exercises.  Please just ask.

There is a lot of good work that clinicians can do to help you with your aches, pains, neuralgias and the like. There is always a tipping point though of how much clinical therapy can help and how much you need to find your own remedies. I believe that manual therapies, like osteopathy, exist to help people achieve musculoskeletal wellbeing, amongst other things. This only works in conjunction with self-awareness of posture, work strains, the negative effects of emotional tension.  Positive inputs such as mindfulness, exercise, rest, good food, contentment and social support all need to be sufficient and regular.  Look after yourselves and I’ll help you in achieving the best you yet.