COVID and hands-on treatment

Face-to-face treatments are now available with full sanitising measures in place:  mask, gloves and apron are worn for every consultation and the clinic is aired and disinfected between patient appointments. Telephone consultations prior to your visit make sure you are safe to come to the clinic  – for you and others after you. Of course, full telephone or video consultations are available if you would prefer.

I’ve been back working at The Mews now for three busy weeks.  Lots of people contacted me during lock-down and I have been helping them over the last few weeks with aches, pains and stiffness. Lots of these have been patients who I know, they have recurring problems, work-related strains and the like but there have been a several new-to-me patients also. I have to say it has been a pleasure to see some familiar faces and make some new acquaintances too.

Lots of people are happy to have some normality back in their lives – they are back to work or able to see friends and family.  Please don’t forget though that the virus is still around and we need to maintain our hygiene regimes:

Anti-COVID check list:
  • Keep washing your hands with soap or alcohol rub;
  • Wear your mask;
  • Act responsibly regarding infection control by trying to avoid crowded places;
  • Keep vigilant of the COVID symptoms (new persistent cough, raised temperature, change in sense of smell or taste)
  • Update your knowledge about the virus – itchiness and rashes have now been identified as symptoms;
  • Make sure people will COVID self-isolate for 7 days;
  • Help reduce the virus spread by self-isolating for 14 days if you think you may have had contact with any cases.

I believe that we should all do all we can to combat the spread of the virus. This is to protect the more vulnerable neighbours, friends, family and man-on-the-street who might have weakened immunity. Let’s keep them safe even if it a little inconvenient for us.

My full risk-assessment for the clinic and treatments is available here at