Easing of COVID-related restrictions.

Masked osteopaths


Masked osteopaths, as key workers, have been extremely busy over the last 12 months. Our work has continued to help those in pain or discomfort. We have also been there offer face-to-face consultations for patients who haven’t been able to visit their GP.

I have been pleased to be there for those patients with complex health concerns – not just the aches and pains. It seems I have referred more patients to their GPs in the last 12 months than in my whole 17 year career! The GPs have been brilliant and there has been some swift and thorough care for those dear patients in need.

I am now more grateful than ever for my thorough training degree training.

  • Those 5 years of considering illness and not just body mechanics have hopefully helped several of my recent patients.
  • Those 1000 hours of supervised clinic training and thorough grillings from the toughest of clinic tutors have hopefully helped recent patients.
  • The mandatory 30 hours of learning required every year prior to re-registration have hopefully helped my recent patients.

The pandemic has made me realise what an important role we provide.

As COVID-related restrictions lift my role as an osteopath will only vary a little. The NHS will still need support from the Allied Health Professions – a body of 14 care provided recognised by the NHS. Patients will still seek help for mobility or pain issues.

Infection control continues

As COVID-related restrictions are lifted today many of you will breath a sigh of relief (hopefully outside or through a mask!). We are all pleased to think we can put the last 16 months behind us.  However, stringent infection control for osteopaths remains essential – we have long appointments where we are very close to our patients. For these reasons we have been advised that we should continue with full PPE and patients should continue to wear masks or face-coverings.

Several of my patients have said they ‘don’t want to but will if you ask me’.  I get this. As the weather warms up the masks are hot and we just want to get back to normal and share a smile. I really do appreciate though their consideration for the responsibility I have to ensure everyone remains safe.  Thank you for your patience and tolerance.

Believe me, if I could ditch the plastic I would.  I feel like a boil-in-the-bag masked osteopath! But for now it’s just the way infection control has to be.