Keeping you safe at your osteopathic appointment

There have been many things that we have all had to adapt to regarding the COVID-19 infection control.  Many things are becoming second nature – like hand sanitising, social distancing, face masks etc.

Here is a short video (just under 2 minutes) to introduce you to a few things that might have changed at your osteopathic appointment

This video has been produced by the Institute of Osteopathy, who have been amazing and tireless in supporting the profession during the pandemic. This approach to COVID-19 infection control could become the new sanitised normal, who knows?!

For full documentation of the risk assessment risk assessment and clinic adaptation and adaptation to practice please visit

Other clinic changes

I am working towards online booking and prepayment systems to streamline your appointments and to reduce touch-contact in the clinic. This also means we won’t have to rely so heavily on my phone for booking. The reception around home is dreadful, so switching to online will be very welcome, I’m sure.  If you need to speak to me though, please call or message me, as normal.  The number is 07710 701 273.

I have used this opportuninity to have a little clinic refurb too.  I hope you all like it. New vinyl flooring with the help of Darren Beal Flooring.  I’ve had a good decluttering and given the place a lick of paint.  I would like to change a few other things too but I needed to concentrate on opening, rather than aesthetics, at this time.

There will also be a little price rise to to £47 for New Patient Consultations and £42 for Follow-up appointments.  I haven’t had a price rise since starting in Eastbourne about 5 years ago so I think this is long overdue.

Thank you

I would just like to say a big thank you to all of you who have supported my business over the years. I hope I can continue to help you when you get in a physical tangle.