Let’s talk knees for a moment.

The knee joint is the largest joint in the body. It is a hinge joint but does have an ability to rotate a little also – for example when you turn your toes inwards or outwards. It is made up of the thigh bone (femur), the shin bone (tibia) and the knee cap (patella).

Knee arthritits

Knee strengthening exercises will keep them strong so you can exercise more

The knee has strong ligaments holding it all together and very strong muscles supporting it and making it move. Knees are capable of a great range of movement but this might come at a price – the joint needs to be in top condition and balance to be able to perform the larger squat type of movements freely and without pain.

Knees are subject to strains, twists, pain like any joint in your body, also to cartilage issues and wear-and-tear changes. As a rule of thumb your strengthening you knee muscle is often a great place to start with many of these problems.

Tips to help your knees:

Strengthening your knees should help you get about with less pain: so here is a nice little link for you to get cracking https://www.roh.nhs.uk/patient-information/knees/19-exercise-for-oa-of-knee/file.

There is also interesting evidence to suggest that gentle exercising with knee pain will improve your pain score over time – you will be in less pain. So get out there – little and often is usually best.

Don’t forget keeping your weight in check too so there is less force going through your joints.

Eat a healthy diet with lots of healthy fats to lubricate your joints.

Wear sensible footwear to exercise in and try to keep the surface smooth and unslippy (?!).

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