Pilates in Eastbourne

There is plenty of research telling us that movement is one of the best things we can do for aches and pains. It is also great for pepping-up our general physical and mental wellbeing.

I have been an osteopath for 15 years. My passion is sharing exercise and stretching advice with my patients for their benefit. I have brought this together in Pilates classes for a cost-effective way of keeping people moving. Hopefully it keeps them doing their osteopathic homework too! For more information about my osteopathic practice please see http://www.osteopathyatthemews.com.

Pilates is a fabulous way to concentrate on movement quality, to strengthen, stretch and to relax you. The APPI Pilates method, which I teach, was developed by physiotherapists to provide careful and progressive exercise with a rehab focus. It is therefore great for most everyone.

Where is this Pilates class happening?

I am really looking forward to taking matwork classes
the lovely new studio, The Tennis Café, in Gildredge Park, Eastbourne. Thursdays 1.30-2.30pm.
I probably don’t need to tell you how good the coffee, cakes and salads are at the café. Everyone seems to know already. Please don’t over-look it as an opportunity for a spot of further relaxation after class.https://eastbourneboroughtennis.com/CafeandStudio

If you would like to join my class, I’d be delighted to welcome you. I will need to know about your health and medical history before the class. Please call me for a chat on 07710 701 273.

I also take a chair-assisted class in Community Wise on a Tuesday lunchtime and a matwork class in Alfriston on a Thursday evening.

Pilates soft ball, stretchy band and surprisingly lovely spiky ball used in some classes.