New technology

My osteopathic work has changed a lot for me over the last twelve months, as it has for many people.  This time last year I was at home.  I was looking after my children and my osteopathic hands were given some time off.

Come the summer osteopaths were recognised as key-workers and off I popped – back to work in Eastbourne.  Our Allied Health Professionals status (like physios, chiropodists, speech therapist etc) meant that we were considered essential health workers, caring for our patients, and helping to support the NHS.

I have been working since – no locking-down of osteopathy, thankfully. This time has also been used for me to reflect on practice and to make some changes. Some have been essential changes to keep everyone safe – PPE (mask, gloves, apron); health screening; infection control – wiping, wiping, wiping etc!


I have also updated the way I do things.  After 17 years I thought it was about time.  You might agree (;-). I am talking mainly about technology. I now have an online booking facility on my website  – click here for a peek.  This allows patients to see all the available appointments, to book and pay online before their session.

Part of the consultation is now done as a telephone or video call. This provides us an opportunity to ‘meet’ each other before face-to-face appointment.  This was done initially for infection control reasons.  However, I am really enjoying these introductions and might keep this as a feature.

And, finally, last but not least – I have a card reader to take payments after your treatment. Why did that take so long for me to organise?!

Also, behind the scenes are plans for automated patient exercise emails and streamlining my book-keeping.

I will work hard on keeping the osteopathy true to its traditional roots though.  ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.