Wellbeing week

5 ways to help Wellbeing

More than just a pony hug

Wellbeing Week

It’s Wellbeing Week and this luckily follows me doing Mental Health Awareness training at the weekend.

Your body and mind are strongly inter-linked. Just think about how it physically feels when you are nervous, upset or over-the-moon.

Wellbeing Week is the Mental Health Foundation’s new initiative ‘to provide young people with the tools and knowledge to help manage their mental health.’

Shockingly 1 in 10 children aged 5-16 years old have a mental health condition; and 50% of those with lifetime mental health problems experience symptoms by age 14years. This is why it is important. They need understanding, help and support. No snowflake labels, no judgement, no intolerance.

Adults also benefit from giving themselves time and space to address their mental wellbeing. They are then in a better place to care for and be present for those who need them.

The 5 Ways to Wellbeing improvement are Connect, Get Active, Be Mindful, Keep Learning, Give to Others.

I thought the photo encapsulated most of this:

  1. CONNECT: have a nice big, bonding pony hug.
  2. GET ACTIVE: lots of exercise in rising trot.
  3. BE MINDFUL: enjoy the smell, the furriness, the sunshine in the moment.
  4. KEEP LEARNING: there are always ways your pony might catch you out.
  5. GIVE TO OTHERS: apples very enthusiastically received.

I know this might seem like I am simplifying things but can you see the potential? Don’t set the bar to high – make your 5 ways to wellbeing achievable.

Addressing your mental health will help your physical wellbeing too.

If you need to discuss any of these things with me then please reach out or mention it when I next see you next. Or others sources of help and support visit the charity Mind .

If you need more info on Wellbeing week go to Mental Health Foundation website.

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