Reducing stress through treatment

The third lockdown had definitely been tough on people. Maybe it is because of the cold, gloomy weather; it could be the long dark days; perhaps everyone is just bored now.

We were all so full of hope and optimism that January would be the start of something better. Finally, we would be moving away from the trials of 2020. It didn’t work out that way. Our hopes were dashed because of rising numbers of COVID cases and another lockdown was enforced.

Many people have felt exhausted by it all. They felt frustrated by the inability to makes plans to see loved ones or explore new places. They felt trapped.

Several of my patients have told me, quite frankly, how hard they are finding it and how low their mood is. This has all been expressed in the physical being too.  Patients have come in for treatment for tense shoulders and necks; headaches and sore jaws; uncomfortable and stiff low backs. This may be because of long hours at work with not enough time of or because the home-office isn’t quite what it could/should be.

Not just physical treatment

My work helps people, predominantly, with their physical aches and pains – and let’s face it, the world seems a better place without these. Additionally, patients have had a little angry rant about how they feel, some have had a little cry. They have been able to share their feelings in confidence in the safe-space of my treatment room. Then with that off their chests we can get down to the nitty-gritty of a good old chat and a giggle. As we are chatting I am treating them – hands on (in gloves, of course) – and this touch is causing the brain to release the hormone oxytocin. This in turn stimulates the release of other feel-good hormones AND REDUCED STRESS HORMONES (cortisol and norepinephrine).  And let’s face it the world seems a better place without that!

One of my many lovely patients sent me a a greatly appreciated message:

I just wanted to say thank you for everything this year! You’ve truly helped me get through the year, getting me back into place and listening to me moan about everything. You deserve a medal!

So, when you book an appointment you are giving yourself a legitimate reason to leave the house. Your physical symptoms are treated and hopefully start to feel more comfortable. There will be a certain amount of cathartic ‘putting the world to right’ chitchat. There will be a release of feel good hormones and, I think most importantly of all, a reduction in stress hormones.

This is why hands on treatment is so powerful.

Give yourself the chance to get a bit of that by taking care of yourself.  If you need an appointment  just book it. The benefits are many-fold.

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