Movement Therapy sessions

Movement benefits our physical wellbeing in so many ways – whether it’s regulating our blood sugars; working the heart and lungs of our cardio-vascular system; or reducing obesity and the impact of weight on our joints. It also may benefit our psychological wellbeing through lifting the mood or concentrating the mind. There are many other reasons to move.  From an osteopathic perspective movement helps mobilise joints. It  elongates and strengthens the soft tissues of the body such as the muscles.

General, everyday mobility may achieve many of the benefits listed above. Unfortunately sometimes weakness and compensating movements occur due to injury or postural habits.

Osteopathy and Movement

Osteopathy may help pain or aches related to these problems and to enhance your rehabilitation often requires exercise or movement therapy. Recent NICE guidance supports manual therapy and exercises as best care for low back pain and sciatica – see Yoga and Pilates classes, for example, are extremely popular as participants feel the benefits and can take control of some of their own rehabilitation.

Gail, at Osteopathy at the Mews, has practised yoga and Pilates for many years and often uses stretches and strengthening exercises from these modalities, in addition to the osteopathic treatment, to help your recovery. She recently has been trained as a Pilates instructor so more extensive programmes are available.

Movement therapy sessions

Individual and small group sessions of therapeutic movement including Pilates and yoga postures are now available in the clinic in Old Town. These will focus on strengthening and stretching the body as well as breathing and centering to calm the mind. These sessions are particularly focused on rehabilitation and are suitable for all abilities or those beginners exploring movement as therapy. Please call 07710 701 273 or email via the Contact Us page for more information or to book a session.